Emma Boorboor

Election Reform Campaign Director
Emma Boorboor is the Election Reform Campaign Director for U.S. PIRG. In this role, she develops and coordinates federal and state level campaigns for election modernization to ensure voting is easily accessible for every American so every voice is heard.

Chris MacKenzie

Digital and Communications Director

Mike Litt

Consumer Program Advocate
Mike Litt works to educate and activate consumers to stand up to Wall Street and other special interests who threaten our financial security.

Dev Gowda

Public Health Advocate
Dev Gowda has worked as an advocate for the PIRGs since October 2013.

Elise Orlick

Democracy Associate
(202) 461-3825
Elise works to require disclosure of corporate political spending, to pass a Constitutional Amendment to overturn Citizens United and to get big money out of politics.

John Olivieri

21st Century Transportation Campaign Director
(617) 747-4388
John Olivieri is the 21st Century Transportation Campaign Director. John is experienced campaigner with a half-dozen prior campaigns under his belt, reflecting races at the local, state, and national levels.

Ana Owens

Tax & Budget Program Advocate
(202) 461-3843
Ana Owens is the Tax & Budget Advocate for U.S. PIRG and is responsible for implementing legislative campaigns with grassroots support on issues of tax haven abuse, corporate tax avoidance, and government and corporate transparency.

Michelle Surka

Campaign Organizer
Michelle Surka works as a campaign organizer to increase transparency in government settlement agreements signed with corporations accused of wrongdoing.

Ethan Senack

Higher Education Advocate
(202) 546-9707 x321
Ethan Senack works to make textbooks more affordable, keep debt repayment manageable, and protect student consumers.

Jerry Slominski

Federal Legislative Director
Jerry Slominski is a Hill veteran with a strong background in legislative strategy, policy development and federal advocacy on a broad range of issues including budget, taxation, food policy, agriculture and energy.

Anya Vanecek

Public Health Digital Campaigner
(303) 573-5995 x387
Anya Vanecek is the digital campaigner for the organization's public health program.

Zach Weinstein

Democracy Advocate
202-546-9707 x 384
Zach Weinstein helps coordinate U.S. PIRG’s state and local campaigns to pass small donor empowerment legislation, and is the lead organizer on the DC Fair Elections campaign to bring meaningful campaign finance reform to local elections in the District.


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