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Responding to the COVID crisis

 | by Faye Park
President, U.S. PIRG; Executive Vice President, The Public Interest Network

U.S. PIRG and our sister 501(c)(3) group, U.S. PIRG Education Fund, have redirected our staff to respond to the novel coronavirus crisis.


 | by
Grace Brombach
Consumer Watchdog Associate

A quick search of Amazon tells me yes

CFPB Protest Nov 2017
 | by
Ed Mierzwinski
Senior Director, Federal Consumer Program

I’ve been reading the CFPB’s mail. It’s okay, you can too. It’s public. Not surprisingly, the latest CFPB consumer complaints paint a grim picture of the pandemic’s effect on family finances. I ask: Why isn’t the CFPB doing more to help struggling consumers?

 | by
Gideon Weissman
Policy Analyst, Frontier Group

Mortgage servicers failed Americans during the last recession. And if early data from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is any indication, history may well be on its way to repeating.

 | by
Ethan Evans
Electric Buses, Healthy Kids Campaign, Associate

As we begin to reopen, here are ways public transportation providers are keeping riders and workers safe.