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We need policies like Right to Repair to address the dangerous flood of electronics waste

7 steps to take if your car is towed 

 | by
Nathan Proctor
Senior Director, Campaign for the Right to Repair

As part of an ongoing investigation into repair markets, Australia has released initial recommendations. Here’s why it’s important and what might be next. 

 | by
Mark Morgenstein
Director of Media Relations, The Public Interest Network

Getting your vehicle towed can be a memorable experience -- not in a good way

If we want the Right to Repair, more people need to stand up to the companies that lobby against it.

 | by
Aaron Colonnese
Content Creator

Overusing antibiotics on factory farms threatens public health — so why is it still happening?

 | by
Mac Dressman
Transform Transportation, Associate

Spending on new highways is wasteful and destructive. America needs to repair what we have instead of spending on new highways.

The conventional system of livestock production in the United States hinges on one word: “efficiency.” Time is money, therefore the faster animals progress from birth to slaughter, the cheaper the end product will be. While cost-conscious shoppers appreciate low prices at the meat counter, there is a steep, somewhat-hidden, societal cost to raising animals in the conventional way.  

Nearly 70 percent of surveyed retailers showed improvement in their chemical safety programs over the last five years.

 | by
Faye Park
President, PIRG; Executive Vice President, The Public Interest Network

This pandemic year intensified both our waste generation and our grasp of its unsustainability.