By now, you've probably heard about this:

On Tuesday, Subway announced they will make the shift to serving meat raised without antibiotics. The sandwich giant will serve only antibiotic free chicken by the end of 2016, with a shift on turkey by 2019, and pork and beef completed by 2025. The decision came in anticipation of a petition delivery to headquarters of more than 270,000 petitions.

After nearly six months of campaigning and just two days before our planned petition delivery, we swiftly and nimbly shifted our message from “Subway, take a stand” to “Thank you Subway for helping save antibiotics!”

Thank you card posters were made and signed:

Social media exploded:

And in cities across the nation, students, organizers, and volunteers flooded the streets in celebration of this major victory for public health.

Thank you to everyone who helped make this victory possible!

Subway’s commitment to phase out the use of antibiotics from its meat supplies is a major win for our public health and our efforts to save antibiotics. But we aren’t done yet…