Do we actually have a transportation-funding deficit, or are we simply spending our transportation funds wrong? WISPIRG Director Bruce Speight aptly asks in an recent interview with Senior Producer Steve Walters on WISEye—a local Wisconsin outlet that presents nonpartisan, unedited coverage of civic and community life statewide on cable TV and the Internet. In the interview, Speight argues that over the past decade, state governments, and the U.S. Department of Transportation, have consistently spent billions in taxpayer dollars and bond measures to fund wasteful highway expansion projects in Wisconsin and across the nation. Many of these projects are based on outdated assumptions about current travel trends that no longer make any sense. Yet, WISDOT and others state DOT’s continue to prioritize perpetual highway expansion above “fix it first” policies that would repair our crumbling roads and bridges before taking on massive new highway projects of questionable value. By reevaluating these projects, it becomes increasing clear that the biggest problem isn’t necessarily how much money we spend on transportation (though that still matters a great deal), but how we spend the funds that are available. 

You can also download the video through WisconsinEye here

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