Marcus and Elisabeth made their way to the Detroit Auto Show over the weekend. As they drove across the country, on a mission to return their TDI to Volkswagen corporate headquarters in Virginia, the couple has been making stops along the way. The just missed Mathias Mueller as he toured the US, stopping at the Detroit Auto Show to try to make amends with customers. Saturday was the first day the show was open to the public. Marcus and Elisabeth first met with press across the street of the event and then went into building, heading straight to the Volkswagen booth.

Marcus and Elisabeth described their experience at the Detroit Auto Show on their blog

We, of course, went first to Volkswagen. Enshrined in a brilliant blue and white arena under the VW logo, the latest products of German engineering were on display. No hint of reticence there. No hint either of last year’s slogans: No “Das Auto,” No “clean diesel.” On one side of the VW display stood a hybrid VW Jetta and an all-electric Golf. Both a sparkling white: coincidental perhaps, but also perhaps intended to convey cleanliness, purity and a new future? In other areas there are more traditional cars in different colors with high-powered engines: speed, power, handling and safety are the main messages. Underlying it all, an ode to German engineering, reliability and probity.

Volkswagen's booth at the Detroit Auto Show.

While they were there, Marcus and Elisabeth dropped off 20,000 petitions at the Volkswagen booth from citizens and consumers demanding for the Volkswagen to buy back all affected "clean diesel" cars.