Sometimes, you do something so well that they rename your award just to get the point across.

MASSPIRG Staff Attorney Matt Casale received the one and only "Golden Quill" award in September from the Massachusetts Association of Regional Transit Authorities (RTAs), in recognition of his report assessing the needs of our state's RTAs.

RTAs are essential bus services that offer residents outside the Greater Boston area a more affordable and less polluting way to get to work, school and doctor's appointments. Matt's recommendations became the cornerstone of the RTA Taskforce report to the state Legislature, which created the Taskforce to assess the needs of Massachusetts regional transportation.

"Public transit is essential to the health of the Commonwealth," said Matt at the awards ceremony.

While not fully meeting the Taskforce's recommendations, the Legislature increased RTA funding for next year. Looking forward, we're confident that, with Matt as their advocate, these lifeline services can do even more for the people of Massachusetts. 

Read MASSPIRG's Transform Transportation report.

Photo: MASSPIRG Staff Attorney Matt Casale received the Golden Quill award from the Association of Regional Transit Authorities on Sept. 16. Credit: Athelston Rogers Photography