A Trump administration move could leave Americans breathing more unhealthy, polluted air.

The administration announced its intention to revoke California's authority to set stronger auto emission standards than the federal government—an authority that extends to other states that choose to adopt California's standard. The administration also announced its intention to interpret federal law to preempt all state greenhouse gas emission standards and zero emission vehicle mandates. On Sept. 27, our partners at Environment America, along with eight other public interest organizations, filed a lawsuit opposing part of the Trump administration's plan.

“This decision is a completely wrong turn," said our Transform Transportation Campaign Director Matt Casale. "The authority of states, established under the Clean Air Act, to adopt stronger limits on pollution from cars must be protected if we’re to continue making progress on improving air quality, protecting public health and addressing climate change."

Clean Car standards set in California and 13 other states as well as Washington, D.C., have helped cut vehicle emissions by about 90 percent since 1988.

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Photo Caption: PIRG's Transform Transportation campaign director, Matt Casale, spoke with the media in April 2018 after the Environmental Protection Agency announced a move to significantly weaken America's clean car standards. Photo Credit: Staff