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PIRG Federal Consumer Program Senior Director Ed Mierzwinski and Vice President of Federal and Government Affairs Katie Murtha have been recognized as being among the top lobbyists in Washington, D.C.

On Dec. 12, The Hill named Ed and Katie Murtha as top lobbyists for 2019. The list honors people who have used their experience and knowledge to advocate effectively and stand out in the Capitol.

Amid thousands of lobbyists who represent corporate and other special interests, Ed and Katie put their skills and experience to work for the public interest in Washington, D.C. They seek out common ground and work with members of Congress from both parties. And their work has led to important legislation that has made things better for all of us, from consumer protections to protecting public health.

Congratulations, Ed and Katie. We're glad you'll remain effective advocates for the public in Congress in 2020 and beyond.

See the Hill's full list here.

Photo: (Left) Ed Mierzwinski testifies in front of Congress. (Right) Katie Mutha speaking at a training for The Public Interest Network. Credit: Jonathan Comer, Staff 

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