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We're calling on Congress to put public health first and fund President Biden's COVID-19 response plan.

We can turn the tide on COVID-19

More than 400,000 Americans have died from COVID-19, but we now have a chance to get the pandemic under control, and to save thousands of lives. President Biden has proposed a national covid response plan that will ensure effective distribution of the vaccines, give all Americans access to the testing they need, and boost our supply of personal protective equipment (PPE) like high quality masks.

With a new administration in the White House, there’s an opportunity to do what it takes to curb the spread of this deadly virus.

The national response we need

Since the beginning of the pandemic, we’ve been facing COVID-19 without our most powerful tool — a strong, well funded, centrally coordinated national plan. We’re calling on Congress to move quickly on funding the proposed national plan, so that we can contain the COVID-19 crisis by dramatically increasing vaccinations, expanding testing, and effectively distributing PPE and other supplies. The proposed national plan calls for:

Fast, safe and effective vaccinations for everyone

The vaccine rollout is moving too slowly, and we’ve worked with health professionals to identify some key problems to solve, including rapidly producing more vaccines, and giving more federal support to state and local governments to stand up vaccination programs. 

The national vaccine plan calls for:

  • Providing vaccines cost free to Americans by investing $25 billion in a vaccine manufacturing and distribution plan. 
  • Ensuring the safety and efficacy of any vaccines is determined by scientists with full transparency. 
  • Preventing any potential price gouging from pharmaceutical companies on vaccines or other potential therapies. 

Expanded testing

Widespread testing will help ensure that we catch outbreaks before they explode. In order to achieve it President Biden’s plan will: 

  • Increase access to tests by doubling the number of drive-through testing sites and investing in at home and instant tests. 
  • Massively ramp up production and distribution of tests by standing up a “Pandemic Testing Board” to centrally coordinate it. 
  • Expand the contact tracing workforce by 100,000, and focus on culturally competent approaches to contact tracing and protecting at-risk populations.

Centralized production and distribution of PPE

The Trump administration shirked its responsibilities over the last year, leaving state and local governments to fight for personal protective equipment (PPE) and testing supplies. That fragmented approach led to a chaotic marketplace, and health professionals still lack adequate PPE. In partnership with health professionals and local officials all over the country, we’ve urged the federal government to use its resources and authority to boost PPE production and centrally distribute those supplies. 

The proposed national  plan will help ensure essential workers get the PPE they need by: 

  • Ramping up production of masks, face shields, and other PPE by fully utilizing the Defense Production Act. 
  • Encouraging domestic production of PPE over the long term so that we’re no longer dependent on foreign companies in a time of crisis. 
Congress needs to act swiftly

To save lives and stop the pandemic, we're calling on Congress to swiftly approve funding for the national covid response plan, including $20 billion for a national vaccination program, $30 billion to boost supplies of personal protective equipment, and $50 billion to ramp up testing. You can help. Call on your representative to support the national plan for tackling COVID-19.

Let’s get moving, and stay on our toes

The national plan proposed by the Biden administration isn’t perfect, but it is a tremendous improvement. In order to be effective, it needs to be implemented quickly, and administered effectively. And if the COVID-19 pandemic has taught us anything it’s that we have to be prepared for things to change, and for new challenges to emerge. So we will closely monitor the public health benchmarks across the country, and call on the new administration to adjust course if the plan is falling short, or is in any way failing to keep us all as safe as possible.

Tell Congress: Approve funding to combat COVID-19

President Joe Biden requested billions of dollars to kickstart the nation's federal COVID-19 response efforts. Now it's time for Congress to act.