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Climate Solutions

A healthy climate is key to a healthy and safe future for ourselves, our children and our grandchildren.


Cómo pagar las facturas de los servicios públicos


Cómo recibir su pago de socorro del COVID-19


Connecting Miami Project (I-395/SR836/I-95), Florida

In Miami, highways slice through almost every section of the city, cutting neighborhoods off from one another, and creating sprawl that threatens the surrounding environment. Those highways include I-395 and SR836, which were originally built through the segregated black community of Overtown, destroying much of the community and forcing thousands from their homes.


Consumer Defense

Wall Street, Big banks, and their allies in Congress are working to strip away vital consumer protections we rely on every day.

Consumer Protection

Looking out for consumers, from bank fees to toxic toys.

Consumer Protections on Wall Street


Consumer towing guide: How to protect yourself from unfair treatment

Consumer protections for towing vary greatly by state, and sometimes, by municipality. Whether your car was towed, or you want to be prepared by learning your rights, here are 7 tips.


COVID-19 vaccines, tests and treatments are peddled in new scams

Con-artists are preying on people's fear of the virus or their desperation for money. Follow these tips to avoid getting ripped off or dealing with identity theft.


Credit freezes FAQ: You can prevent a fraud nightmare in 20 minutes

Freezing your files protects you not just from someone fraudulently opening a credit card or applying for a loan in your name. It also can prevent someone from accessing your tax records with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) or opening a Social Security account using your information or potentially launching a slew of other problems. 


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