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Democracy For The People

Stanching the flow of special interest money in our elections.


Democracy For The People

U.S. PIRG is committed to rebuilding and protecting a democracy where everyone participates and everyone’s voice is heard.

Disinfecting your home or building safely during COVID-19

Whether you operate a business, a church, a school or another building, you’re probably thinking about ways to disinfect your space to protect people from COVID-19. 


Driving into debt

In much of America, access to a car is all but required to hold a job or lead a full and vibrant life. Generations of car-centric transportation policies — including lavish spending on roads, sprawl-inducing land use policies and meager support for other modes of transportation — have left millions of Americans fully dependent on cars for daily living.


Effingham Parkway, Georgia

Transportation officials in a rural area northwest of Savannah, Georgia, are worried that an existing state highway will be unable to cope with growing traffic volumes if hoped-for industrial expansion and resulting population increase occurs. Their proposal is a new $37.4 million highway. Recent trends, however, suggest that traffic isn’t growing as quickly as had been anticipated, raising questions about whether the new highway is necessary.


Electric Buses in America


Evitar la especulación de precios durante COVID-19


Federal Agenda

Practically every day the federal government is making decisions that have a very real impact on our lives and our future. Will we have enough COVID-19 vaccines and testing to save lives, end the pandemic and keep us safe? Will the government hold polluters accountable for toxic waste and address the plastic pollution crisis?


Financial Protection

To protect consumers in the financial marketplace, we're working to reform credit bureaus, stop predatory loan sharks, end unfair banking practices and more.


Finding Affordable Textbooks

College is already expensive enough--and high textbook prices can add to the cost. A few actions can help you save hundreds.


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