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Tesoro Extension, California

In 2016, the Orange County Transportation Corridor Agency (TCA) , the California Attorney General and a coalition of national and local environmental groups reached an agreement settling multiple lawsuits to protect the San Onofre State Beach and cancel prior approval of the Tesoro Extension project. The lawsuits claimed the environmental impact statement was inaccurate and that the project would damage the surrounding environment – specifically, a highly popular park that is home to 11 endangered and threatened species. Now, however, the TCA is looking at new routes for the highway that would cut through the city of San Clemente – and the city of San Clemente is suing to overturn the previous agreement keeping the highway out of San Onofre State Beach.


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The Fix Is In

We rely on our phones. When they break, we need our phones fixed — fast. Unfortunately, there are numerous barriers to fixing our smartphones. Manufacturers don’t offer certain repairs or push consumers into purchasing upgrades instead. Our survey of 302 independent repair technicians show that independent shops offer more options for repair, but are struggling to access parts, service information and repair software which is necessary to fix phones — which manufacturers won’t let these independent shops have.


The Real Price of Medications

People living in the United States have access to some of the best medical care in the world, from life-saving drugs to cutting-edge surgical techniques. But spiraling costs force many Americans to spend more on care, even as the quality of that care remains the same.


The State of Recycling


The worst consumer problem: Fraud / Identity Theft

One in 20 people was a victim in 2019. Account takeovers, which involve a criminal gaining access to an existing account, soared by 72 percent in 2019.


Tips to file your tax return while avoiding fees, scams

Every year, it seems there are more issues to watch out for, primarily scams looking to get your personal information, and fees that can add up when trying to file your return using software. 

Top 11 Ways to Save Energy at Home

Many of us are spending all our time in the house these days, here's how to reduce your energy use.

Top 6 Coronavirus Stimulus Check Scams

Here are the top scams you need to look out for while waiting for your COVID-19 relief checks.


Toy Safety Tips

When you go shopping for toys for your favorite kids, use this guide to help find safe toys and avoid safety hazards.


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