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I-83 Widening, York County, Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania is moving forward with a plan to spend $300 million to widen I-83 in York County from four to eight lanes. But project documents fail to show how the project will solve any problems or bring clear benefits to the region.


I-94 East-West Expansion in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

In Milwaukee, the Wisconsin Department of Transportation has proposed expanding a segment of I-94 that runs east-west through the city. WisDOT wants to increase the capacity of I-94, widening the road in places and adding a second deck to the highway for a narrow stretch that is bounded by three cemeteries—at a cost of $800 million over and above just repairing the existing road. Local officials have registered their opposition publicly, and have asked WisDOT to study alternatives, including those that would not expand the highway. Members of the community have advocated against the widening and in support of transit, bicycle and pedestrian projects—as well as repair of existing roads—instead. WisDOT projects that traffic will increase in the corridor, but traffic counts have been declining in recent years.


I-94 North South Expansion, Wisconsin

Wisconsin is spending $1.7 billion to $1.9 billion (in 2009 dollars) to widen the I-94 freeway from Milwaukee to near the Illinois state line from six to eight lanes. The project will involve the replacement of seven interchanges along the route, along with the total rebuilding of many stretches of highway.

ID Theft & Privacy Checklists


Identificación de estafas de phishing del Coronavirus


If you were hit by Ida, here's how to avoid scams, injuries, price-gouging

Hurricane Ida tore a path of destruction from the Gulf Coast all the way to New York and New Jersey. Here are some tips to avoid scams and stay safe.

If you’re behind on your mortgage payments, here are some tips

If the COVID-19 pandemic affects your ability to pay, here’s what you need to know


Illinois State Route 53/120

Illinois State Route 53 travels north-to-south across Chicago’s western suburbs. Northwest of the city, an expressway portion of Route 53 ends at the border between Cook County (home to Chicago) and suburban Lake County. For decades, local, county and state officials have considered extending Route 53 northward along a new right-of-way, where it would branch east-to-west as a bypass of existing Route 120, paving over open space from Interstate 94 to rural lake communities.


Illliana Expressway, Illinois and Indiana

Illinois and Indiana are proposing to build a new highway across the far southern extent of the Chicago metropolitan area at a cost of more than $1 billion—and perhaps as much as $3 billion. Intended to divert truck traffic from Interstate 80, the tolls charged to finance the highway could instead discourage trucks from using the roadway.


In the path of Hurricane Laura? Here are tips to prepare

Millions of Americans are in the path of Hurricane Laura, which is projected to become a major hurricane and make landfall along the Texas and Louisiana coasts. As with most hurricanes, life and property are threatened not just by wind, but by storm surge as well. 


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