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Hold the phone! Report shows that repairing your smartphone can save you money and protect the environment

Our survey of 302 independent repair technicians shows that independent shops offer more options for repair, but are struggling to access parts, service information and repair software which is necessary to fix phones — which manufacturers won’t let these independent shops have.

News Release | U.S. PIRG Education Fund | Consumer Protection

Coronavirus worry triggers most surgical mask, sanitizer prices to spike at least 50% on Amazon

As the Coronvirus outbreak became more widespread, the price of most of the sanitizers and masks rose at least 50 percent higher than the 90-day average. Even one in six products sold directly by Amazon saw prices rise at least 50 percent higher in February

News Release

U.S. PIRG’s Nathan Proctor named to Grist 50 list

Grist, an online sustainability publication, named Nathan Proctor to their list of emerging leaders working on game-changing ideas to protect the planet. Nathan’s work to advance Right to Repair reforms, a policy that would give consumers the power to fix rather than replace their devices, earned him one of 50 spots on the list for which more than 1,000 technologists, activists, artists, politicians and storytellers were nominated.

News Release | U.S. PIRG Education Fund | Consumer Protection

Trader Joe's jumps to top of food recall notification rankings

Following the release last month of U.S. PIRG’s Education Fund’s Food Recall Failure report, which rated 26 top grocery store chains on their transparency about food recalls, Trader Joe's provided new survey answers and clarified where that information lives online and in its stores.

News Release | U.S. PIRG | Solid Waste

Statement: $500M settlement for Apple's "BatteryGate" underscores need for Right to Repair

Right to Repair campaign director Nathan Proctor comments in repsonse to a $500 million dollar class action settlement: "BatteryGate is a perfect example of why we need Right to Repair reforms ... I hope Apple learns this $500 million lesson. Don’t slow down our phones, let us fix them."


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