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STATEMENT: As COP26 fosters global climate cooperation, U.S. needs to take action

The 26th United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26) starting Sunday in Glasgow, Scotland, will bring world leaders together to work on achieving the objectives of the international Paris Agreement about climate action.

News Release | U.S. PIRG

Statement: Build Back Better Framework is great news for clean energy

President Joe Biden released a framework of the Build Back Better Act Thursday after weeks of intense internal negotiations. The act, which will move through Congress via the budget reconciliation process, would make historic investments in clean energy, including 10 years of tax credits that could lower the costs of rooftop solar by 30% and bring down the cost of an electric vehicle by up to $12,500.

News Release | U.S. PIRG

Statement: Investigation into Big Oil’s climate disinformation underscores need for fossil fuel accountability

Major oil company executives testified at a congressional hearing on Thursday, answering questions on the fossil fuel industry’s role in the spread of climate disinformation. Coined a “landmark” hearing, it is the first time fossil fuel company and trade association leaders were questioned, under oath, about their knowledge of the industry’s role in downplaying the climate crisis and preventing climate action. 

News Release | U.S. PIRG | Solid Waste

2021 Brand Audit report shows why companies need to make less plastic packaging

DENVER -- The Break Free From Plastic movement released on Monday its fourth annual global Brand Audit report for 2021. The audit found that the top plastic-polluting corporations of 2021 are the same major beverage and consumer goods companies that have topped the list in previous years

News Release | US PIRG Education Fund | Consumer Tips

Onions identified as cause of nationwide Salmonella outbreak

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said Wednesday evening that a nationwide Salmonella outbreak stems at least in part from whole onions imported from Chihuahua, Mexico, and distributed in this country by ProSource Inc.


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