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Trump administration’s “Dirty Power Plan” promotes outdated fuel sources over Americans’ health

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Today, the Trump administration unveiled what critics are calling the “Dirty Power Plan,” which eliminates federal limits on planet-warming power plant pollution, ceding regulatory responsibility to the states, most of which have significantly less stringent policies. This shirking of federal responsibility will likely lead to increased air pollution, and more health issues for tens of millions of Americans.

Faye Park, President of U.S. PIRG, released the following statement:

“There is just no way to make sense of this Dirty Power Plan.  

"Seventy-three million Americans experienced more than 100 days of unhealthy air quality, the West is on fire, and scientists are increasingly alarmed at the rapid pace of climate change.  At the same time, renewable energy costs are plunging so deeply that we could reduce emissions from electricity by 80 percent in just 15 years at today's costs.  

"The only sensible course of action is to accelerate the transition to clean renewable energy, yet this proposal takes our foot off the accelerator. Our children and grandchildren deserve a world at least as clean and safe as ours, if not more so.”

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