Airline Flight Information: Public Since 1929

Slide deck from presentation to Aviation Consumer Protection Advisory Panel
Last updated: 6/30/2022

Ed Mierzwinski, our senior director for federal consumer programs, gave an invited presentation on why full disclosure of "airline flight information" is a competition issue to the DOT's Aviation Consumer Protection Advisory Committee on Tuesday June 29, 2022. A video of the full two-day meeting is available here (see Day 2-Morning). The ACPAC panel spent a day discussing President Joe Biden's July 2021 Executive Order on Competition and its requirements that the Department of Transportation consider how improved fare disclosure, earlier in the flight search process, would benefit consumers and promote competition.

Airline flight information has been public since 1929, but some airlines may now be withholding some or all information from search engines to gain a competitive advantage and give consumers fewer choices of competing flights. You can download the full slide deck (pdf copy) from this page. Image is an inset from the 1929 "Official Aviation Guide" that we used in the slide deck. Public domain courtesy Smithsonian Institution via

Screen Shot 2022-06-22 at 5.33.02 PM.png

Pages from 1929 Official Aviation Guide
Pages from 1929 Official Aviation Guide show route, time & fare info




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