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Ethan Evans,
Electric Buses For America, Associate


The California legislature voted to invest $1 billion in its public schools - and a solid chunk of that could go toward electric school bus charging infrastructure.

Cities across the country have opened up streets to pedestrians and cyclists during the pandemic. Here's the case for why they should stay open.

A new congressional report on the climate crisis recommends $1 billion for clean school bus projects. 

The the rideshare company Lyft recently announced a committment to transition to 100 percent electric vehicles. 

The “INVEST in America Act,” which authorizes nearly $500 billion of transportation spending over five years, takes on the transportation status quo.

As we begin to reopen, here are ways public transportation providers are keeping riders and workers safe.

Americans are staying home to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, and therefore public transportation ridership has plummeted. Transit agencies across the country are facing budget challenges and being forced to make tough decisions, including cutting back routes or shutting down service altogether. But essential workers -- like healthcare professionals, grocery store clerks, pharmacists, and others -- still need to get to work, and we’re depending on them to do so. For them, we need to keep our public transit systems running.

How to tune out the noise and focus on what matters.

State transit agencies and school districts are leading the way.