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Kevin O'Reilly,
Director, Campaign for the Right to Repair

A farmer's story shows why we need laws to ensure we can fix our stuff.

A proposed change would increase health care costs and impact patient care.

How tractor repair restrictions affect farmers and what can be done to eliminate them.

A study by U.S. PIRG Education Fund and National Farmers Union.

Tractor giant petitions SEC to strike shareholder resolution asking tough questions about Right to Repair 

From Main Street to Pennsylvania Avenue, people just want to fix their stuff.

Exposé shows one Amazon facility shreds up to 130,000 products a week

The COVID-19 pandemic still rages, but issues facing medical device repair go unresolved.

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Right to Repair laws, which make it easier for consumers to fix their own stuff, are broadly popular with the public. So when companies lobby against it, it can upset their customers. CompTIA, a leading provider of certifications for repair and IT technicians, found this out the hard way.