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Lucy Baker,
Consumer Defense, Associate

Some financial issues are like Shrek-shaped Russian nesting dolls-- they have more layers than onions and are buried within each other. A Congressional Review Act resolution to repeal an Office of the Comptroller of the Currency rule promulgated in October of 2020 is one such issue.

For National Consumer Protection Week, here’s an update on our work on car buying and leasing, including consumer tips.

In October, US PIRG and Frontier Group released a report on how the pandemic has affected auto leasing and lending. We found that, like in a lot of industries, the pandemic has exacerbated already serious issues and has brought them to the forefront of our attention.

In the movie “Cool Hand Luke” (1967), Paul Newman’s character gets put into solitary confinement on a prison farm in a tiny room called “the box”. You can’t lie down, or sit down in this box, it is that small. It is hot, very hot. It is no wonder, then, that car dealers have nicknamed the room where consumers meet with the finance director (who is called “the closer”) to sign final car purchase paperwork “The Box.” We write about in our new report on how CFPB Auto Loan Complaints are rising during the pandemic.