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Matt Casale,
Director, Environment Campaigns

Eliminating fossil fuel subsidies will save taxpayers money, help fund the reconciliation bill and create a more sustainable future. 

Congress is working to finalize a new infrastructure spending package. But why are they ignoring an easy way to pay for it?

Groups spotlight nearly $300 billion of wasteful and environmentally harmful government spending

The INVEST in America Act would help transform transportation by investing in roads, bridges, transit, and walking and biking infrastructure with an emphasis on fixing existing infrastructure and reducing pollution that harms our health and our climate.

Our new progress report finds that despite the need to rebuild many federal agencies and tackle the COVID-19 crisis, the Biden administration has already taken numerous steps to restore environmental protections.

Environment America Research & Policy Center, U.S. PIRG Education Fund and Frontier Group have worked for decades to identify and promote solutions to the climate crisis. We have compiled this list of resources to help the public and decision-makers understand and act on the key components of President Biden’s announcement.

Electric vehicles can help power homes and buildings in disasters — but only if automakers, utilities, local emergency planners and regulators start working on it now.

Over the last four months, while the COVID pandemic has occupied the forefront of the American public’s consciousness, the Trump administration has indefinitely suspended a series of EPA regulatory activities and undone a collection of crucial environmental protections.

The CDC recently released new guidelines for employers in the wake of COVID-19 and there are some problems with its transportation-related recommendations.

Cities across the country, looking to meet climate goals, reduce air pollution and alleviate congestion, are trying to find ways increase public transportation ridership. One idea many are exploring: ditching fares. Kansas City, Mo., is the first to do so. Here's how it's going so far.