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Nathan Proctor,
Director, Campaign for the Right to Repair

As part of an ongoing investigation into repair markets, Australia has released initial recommendations. Here’s why it’s important and what might be next. 

The FTC is due to report on repair restrictions, and we’re pressing for real action to follow. 

25 states have introduced or carried over Right to Repair legislation so far this year

A tribute to John, and a review of his book, Repair Revolution 

Right to Repair continues at a rapid pace in 2021, as we now have 33 active bills in 21 state legislatures, while tractor repair takes center stage.

Farmers need software tools to fix their tractors but manufacturers such as John Deere won’t sell them, despite a 2018 agreement

2021 is shaping up to be a big year for our efforts to secure your right to fix your stuff.

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) shows off many new products -- the Right to Repair coalition is judging which ones are worst for people and the planet.  

A look at 2020 highlights and milestones for the campaign to fix our stuff, and a look ahead to 2021

The latest installment of our ongoing blog series "Junked by Design"