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Nathan Proctor,
Director, Campaign for the Right to Repair

The latest installment of our ongoing blog series "Junked by Design" 

Buying a refurbished computer can save money and cut waste. It might also be a key strategy in addressing the digital divide

With a shortage of computers for students this fall, many are left wondering how they will connect. Our guide helps you shop for a refurbished computer with confidence. 

If the quarantine has inspired you to get rid of old stuff – including old devices you’ve been holding on to – finding avenues for reuse, then recycling, is a responsible way to move on.  

Right to Repair advocates continue to support hospitals’ ability to fix their equipment, and other campaign updates.

Electronics recycler Eric Lungren is donating light towers to help hospitals treat patients in emergency triage facilities. 

As manufacturers block access to manuals and other fix-it information, biomedical repair technicians press for reform.

The federal government must show leadership, and coordinate hospital supplies such as masks and ventilators.

It’s common-sense: If something you own breaks, you should be able to fix it. But manufacturers don’t see it that way. Instead, they use a set of tactics to block independent repair because they want consumers to have to come to them to do repairs. Right to Repair made considerable progress in 2019, and just a little over a month into 2020, we’re seeing continued momentum. 

As we reflect back on 2019, and get ready for what should be a frenetic 2020 for the Right to Repair, we wanted to share some of our highlights and milestones.