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Nathan Proctor,
Senior Director, Campaign for the Right to Repair

Google’s parent company, Alphabet*, faces shareholder proposal because of history of repair restrictions

Tractor giant petitions SEC to strike shareholder resolution asking tough questions about Right to Repair 

How to spot an unfixable bike designed for the dump

Guest post from Paul Roberts on his experience of repairing a 60 year old radio and a 10 month-old FitBit, which tells us a lot about the e-waste problem and the need for a right to repair.

Shareholders press these leading Right to Repair opponents to explain themselves as regulatory pressure mounts 

As Microsoft joins the $2 trillion club, a shareholder group presses for Right to Repair 

From a win in the New York Senate, to a new bill in Congress: A roundup of news on Right to Repair

As part of an ongoing investigation into repair markets, Australia has released initial recommendations. Here’s why it’s important and what might be next.