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Patricia Kelmar,
Director, Health Care Campaigns

Providers may promise to “do no harm,” but clearly the thing some of them care about keeping healthy, above their patients, is their revenue stream. After fighting against patients -- and losing -- in the halls of Congress and again during the executive branch’s rule-making process, they finally found a sympathetic ear in one federal district court.

It shouldn’t cost so much for Americans to stay alive -- and HHS can do something about it

 It’s time for Congress to enact a common-sense solution to bring down drug prices

Greater transparency of clinical trial costs will quantify the amount of public taxpayer dollars invested in new drug innovation. One main reason drug companies say drug prices are so high is because of the high cost of innovation. But who's really footing the bill of drug research in the U.S.?

The No Surprises Act went into effect on January 1, 2022. This patient guide is an easy way to understand your new patient protections. Important phone numbers and links to the federal complaint form are included. Put an end to surprise medical bills by knowing your rights under this new consumer law. 

The No Surprises Act establishes arbitration to settle payment disputes. Regulators must design the dispute resolution system well so it won't add costs to the system.

How in-network childbirth still exposes new families to out-of-network bills