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Patricia Kelmar,
Director, Health Care Campaigns

How drug companies keep prices high through tricky marketing and sales tactics

Patients can be asked to consent to out-of-network care from certain providers under the No Surprises Act. That could be an expensive decision.

How one person "shopped around" for surgery in Boston using the new hospital price tools required by the federal government. 

 Some people ‘subscribe’ to ambulances, but the subscription may not be worth it

Some consumers continue to be billed for COVID tests and vaccines. So let's get the story straight here.


Saturday, April 24, is National Prescription Drug Take Back Day.

Here are the tactics that drug companies use to keep lower-priced drug competitors out of the market

Americans need lower cost prescription drugs and we can’t afford to wait. 

The No Surprises Act, passed in December 2020, is one of the most comprehensive consumer health protections the previous Congress passed. It builds on what we've learned from state surprise billing protections and establishes guardrails to minimize inflationary effects of arbitration. 

There is no worse feeling than getting a large unexpected bill in the mail. And in the case of a surprise medical bill, it usually comes at the worst time - when you are home recovering from an illness or injury. But most of those bills will soon be a thing of the past.