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Nearly 70 percent of surveyed retailers showed improvement in their chemical safety programs over the last five years.

U.S. PIRG Supports Confirmation of Professor Lina Khan to FTC

U.S. PIRG supports President Biden's nomination of Professor Lina Khan to join the Federal Trade Commission. Our letter to the Senate Commerce Commitee describing her strong qualifications is attached.

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Statement: New FDA plan to reduce toxic metal in baby food falls short

A month after announcing a weak plan to reduce heavy metals in baby food, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced a new plan Thursday aimed at making baby food safer over the next several years.

Some financial issues are like Shrek-shaped Russian nesting dolls-- they have more layers than onions and are buried within each other. A Congressional Review Act resolution to repeal an Office of the Comptroller of the Currency rule promulgated in October of 2020 is one such issue.

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Statement: Consumers need to go on defense after Facebook data breach

This serves as another important reminder that consumers must always be vigilant about identity thieves who may call, text or email victims and try to trick them into providing more information.

Letter to Congress from 325 groups urging repeal of OCC's "True Lender" Rule

U.S. PIRG and all state PIRGs join 300+ consumer, faith and civil rights groups in letter to Congress urging repeal of the recent "True Lender" rule promulgated as a midnight regulation by the acting Comptroller of the Currency (OCC). The rule will overturn 200 years of case law and allow national banks to partner with fintechs to unleash predatory payday lending nationwide. Fully 45 states have rate caps on some installment loans. As of today, 23 March, 18 states and the District of Columbia now have caps that effectively ban predatory loans with 36% APR usury ceilings, protecting 110 million consumers. 


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