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Nursing home safety during COVID: Cases and vaccines

Hundreds of U.S. nursing homes this year are reporting their very first cases of COVID-19 after avoiding any cases all of last year. The high number of nursing homes that experienced their very first cases of COVID-19 this year -- while fending them off during the horror of 2020 -- is among the clear indications that this pandemic isn’t over. There are many reasons for optimism, particularly the huge turnaround that started in the second half of December when vaccines started rolling out. We found that has led to a decline in nursing home cases exceeding 80 percent. But this is not a time to act irresponsibly or get overly confident.

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New Keep Maine Open campaign encourages mask wearing to curb COVID-19

A broad group of Maine business leaders, health professionals and public safety officials are urging people to keep wearing masks as they await vaccination against the novel coronavirus. 

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Statement: Congress passes much-needed COVID-19 funding bill

 The House of Representatives passed a revised version of President Joe Biden’s American Rescue Plan Wednesday. 

“We don’t attack those negative messages. We just have to profoundly overwhelm the senses with the positive messages — in addition to showing them the spot on your arm where you got the shot.”

News Release | U.S. PIRG | COVID-19

Statement: Nearing 500,000 American deaths from COVID-19

The number of U.S. deaths attributed to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, which now stands at around 490,000, will soon surpass half a million people.

Consumers still at risk for harmful over-the-counter drug products of all types because of soft federal regulations.

Hospital technicians renew urgent call for Right to Repair medical equipment

By | Kevin O'Reilly
Director, Campaign for the Right to Repair

The COVID-19 pandemic still rages, but issues facing medical device repair go unresolved.

Addressing vaccine hesitancy and its roots is a pivotal as the nation races to vaccinate Americans against the coronavirus.


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