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Having the facts can make all the difference when it comes to health insurance. To make the most of new choices, protections and financial help, you need good information. This guide can help you find quality coverage that won’t break the bank.

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Thanks in part to U.S. PIRG, most surprise medical bills will soon be against the law. Our success in this campaign was due, in turn, to the leadership of Patricia Kelmar, who was a MASSPIRG student leader in the 1980s, an NJPIRG staff person in the late ‘80s and early ‘90s, and a health care policy expert and advocate for nearly two decades.

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Statement: Congressional compromise would end surprise medical billings

In a surprise agreement after months of deadlock, congressional committee leadership has announced compromise language on legislation to end surprise medical bills. For two years, four congressional committees have worked on solutions to protect consumers from surprise medical bills from out-of-network providers. These surprise bills come from balance billing -- when medical professionals charge you the difference between their fees and the maximum amount allowed by your insurance company.

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Report: Nursing homes endure massive PPE shortages

Seven months into this pandemic, PPE shortages have become much worse, according to “Nursing home safety during COVID: PPE shortages,” a report by the U.S. PIRG Education Fund and Frontier Group.

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Humira manufacturer’s efforts to block generic options challenged in court

The maker of Humira, the world’s best-selling drug, faces a new legal challenge over alleged anticompetitive tactics. Monday, U.S. PIRG filed an amicus brief in the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals arguing that AbbVie’s strategies of reverse payment settlements and creating “patent thickets” have delayed the entry of biologically similar generic drugs (biosimilars) onto the market, costing Americans billions of dollars. 

Chase away loneliness - visit your loved one in the nursing home

By | Patricia Kelmar
Director, Health Care Campaigns

New federal policy gives greenlight to nursing homes to allow safe outdoor visits

Is it safe to return to the dentist?

By | Patricia Kelmar
Director, Health Care Campaigns

It’s probably been over six months since your last dental appointment. Should you return for your check up?


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