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Statement: American Families Plan’s 20 percent increase in Pell Grants is a good, but incomplete, step

The Biden administration released its $1.8 trillion American Families Plan Wednesday with investments ranging from paid family leave and childcare to higher education. One key element to the plan is an $85 billion increase to the Pell Grant, a need-based financial aid program for low and middle income students.

Some student loan servicers take advantage of borrowers through unfair, predatory and even illegal lending methods. It’s a problem MASSPIRG and our partners have been working to solve for years — and our efforts were rewarded this past January, when the Student Loan Borrower Bill of Rights was passed by the Legislature and then signed into law by Gov. Charlie Baker. Nearly 1 million student borrowers across the commonwealth now have the protections they deserve against deceptive lending practices.

Fixing the Broken Textbook Market, Third Edition

By | Cailyn Nagle
Director, Affordable Textbooks Campaign

A survey on college textbook affordability during COVID-19.

Report | U.S. PIRG Education Fund | Higher Ed

Fixing the Broken Textbook Market, Third Edition

 COVID-19 has raised the barriers students face both financially and technologically to access course materials, even if it has not necessarily made course materials more expensive. Students who lost jobs due to the pandemic or who lacked reliable internet access were hardest hit by course materials costs. These problems will persist past the public health crisis without increased funding and implementing long term policies that prioritize access and affordability.

Legislative priorities to make higher education more affordable in 2021

By | Zack Szlezinger
Make Higher Education Affordable Campaign, Associate

We need Congress to take bold, bipartisan action to make life-changing degrees easier and more affordable to get.

News Release | MASSPIRG | Higher Ed

MASSPIRG praises passage of key bill to protect student loan borrowers

Economic Dev. bill that includes new protections for borrowers is heading to Governor Baker’s desk to sign

News Release | USPIRG | Higher Ed

Congress’ grade on funding higher education: Incomplete

FY21 federal budget makes some positive changes for higher education, but there is still work to do


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