Solid Waste

Introducing: Junked by Design

By | Kevin O'Reilly
Advocate, Right to Repair Campaign

A blog for people who love quality

The unsustainability of the fast fashion festival aesthetic

By | Olivia Sullivan
Zero Waste Campaign, Associate

Why a season with no Coachella or Bonnaroo might be bad for music fans, but good for the planet—and an opportunity to rethink fashion.


Waste during COVID-19: a mixed bag

By | Alex Truelove
Director, Zero Waste Campaign

The COVID-19 pandemic has interrupted and changed our lives in countless ways. Some of those changes have challenged our ability to handle and reduce our waste. Some changes have presented new opportunities. Here are some of the results, both good and bad:

Cut food waste with haste

By | Evan Preston
Director, New Economy Campaigns

Food waste is piling up while people wonder if they can get their groceries. Solutions for businesses, cities, and states to cut waste and get fresh food to people.

The Countdown to Zero Waste - February Update

By | Alex Truelove
Director, Zero Waste Campaign

Our country has a waste problem. It's time for new solutions and a renewed commitment to move toward zero waste. PIRG and Environment America's advocates, organizers and members are promoting ways to reduce what we consume, reuse what we can, and recycle the rest.

News Release | U.S. PIRG | Solid Waste

Statement: $500M settlement for Apple's "BatteryGate" underscores need for Right to Repair

Right to Repair campaign director Nathan Proctor comments in repsonse to a $500 million dollar class action settlement: "BatteryGate is a perfect example of why we need Right to Repair reforms ... I hope Apple learns this $500 million lesson. Don’t slow down our phones, let us fix them."


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