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New Jersey Governor signs strongest ban on single-use plastics in nation, promotes reusable bags

TRENTON, N.J. – New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy signed the strongest single-use plastics ban in the nation into law today. Going into effect early Spring 2022, the new law will ban single-use plastics bags and polystyrene, restrict straws to on-request only and phase out paper bags at larger grocery stores.

Banning the fix: Google continues blocking third-party repair ads

By | Alex DeBellis
Right to Repair Campaign, Associate

The longer Google takes to fix problems for indpendent repair shops, the easier it is for manufacturers to elbow out competitors in the repair market.

A couch, a washing machine and a perfect plastic storm

By | Olivia Sullivan
Zero Waste Campaign, Associate

Plastic “recycling” makes us more dependent on the material in surprising ways, and that makes our pollution problem much worse

Microsoft makes lofty zero-waste pledge, then debuts phone “not meant to be repaired”

By | Anne Marie Green
Right to Repair Campaign, Associate

There is one thing you won’t get with the new $1,399 Duo – the ability to fix it. 

Bricked house: How obsolescence looms over our “smart” home devices

By | Nathan Proctor
Director, Campaign for the Right to Repair

The latest installment of our ongoing blog series "Junked by Design" 

News Release | Solid Waste

STATEMENT: Apple inches forward on expanded repair access

Today, Apple announced that it would be expanding its Independent Repair Provider (IRP) program to include computer repair. Previously, the program only covered cellphone and tablet repair. In response to the announcement, Nathan Proctor, U.S. PIRG Right to Repair Campaign Director, issued a statement. 


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