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18 tips to reduce robocalls and protect yourself from scams

 | by Teresa Murray
Consumer Watchdog

The good news: Illegal robocalls seem to be declining a bit. The bad news: They'll probably never go away completely. Consumers need to remain vigilant to protect their personal information and their money. 


Golfer watches his shot | CC0 for Public Domain Dedication via Pixabay
 | by
Danielle Melgar
Make It Toxic Free Campaign, Advocate

The EPA has banned chlorpyrifos from our food. It doesn’t belong where Americans golf either.

 | by
Mike Litt
Director, Campaign to Defend the Consumer Bureau

Advance directives are legal instructions that include a living will (different from a regular will) and a health care proxy. In them, you state what treatments you do or don’t want at the end of your life and who you want making health care decisions for you if you can’t. 

 | by
Hannah Rhodes
Consumer Watchdog, Associate

With the overwhelming number of reviews found both on website listings and social media, we pulled together the best tips to spot fake reviews when shopping online.

 | by
Erin Skibbens
Environment Campaigns, Associate

 The Zero-Emission Homes Act can help Americans make the switch to electric cooking