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Can't get a refund from your airline? Here’s what you can do.

 | by Mike Litt
Director, Campaign to Defend the Consumer Bureau

Most airlines are only offering vouchers, not refunds, when passengers cancel their flights due to concerns about COVID-19.


 | by
Teresa Murray
Consumer Watchdog

Whether you have a loved one currently in a nursing home or rehabilitation facility, or whether you’re shopping for one, you should arm yourself with a list of questions to gauge how safe the environment is. Here’s a guide to those questions, and the answers you should expect.

Perfume bottle CC via pxhere.com
 | by
Gina Werdel
Make It Toxic Free, Associate

The FDA allows cosmetic companies to hide toxic fragrance ingredients from consumers. But this fall, California passed a landmark bill to change this.

 | by
John Stout
Transform Transportation, Advocate

As COVID-19 has pushed people away from public transit, electric bike sales are booming. We should incentivize essential workers and other prospective e-bike purchasers by subsidizing this 21st century transportation option.  

 | by
Gideon Weissman
Policy Analyst, Frontier Group

Data from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) can shed some light on just which financial issues consumers have been most affected by during the pandemic, offering clues on what kinds of help American need to get through the coming months.