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Robocalls are declining but not gone yet, so remember these tips to protect yourself

 | by Teresa Murray
Consumer Watchdog

With the new federal law that takes effect June 30, we should start seeing a decline in illegal robocalls. But the scams certainly won't halt overnight. Here are some tips to live by.


 | by
Mike Litt
Director, Campaign to Defend the Consumer Bureau

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau celebrated its 10th birthday last Wednesday. It begins its second decade refocused on its mission of protecting you and me after a few years of, ironically, championing shady business practices over consumers. The agency’s first decade was full of success, setbacks, and promise.

FTC  building at night
 | by
Ed Mierzwinski
Senior Director, Federal Consumer Program

Today, the U.S. House takes a key vote. HR2668, the Consumer Protection and Recovery Act, would restore the FTC's Section 13(b) authority to hold wrongdoers accountable and compensate consumer-victims harmed by their actions. The Supreme Court had recently ruled that the power, used for over 40 years to recover billions, was not clearly articulated in law.

Cover photo via Flickr by Mr. Blue MauMau, some rights reserved.

 | by
Matt Casale
Director, Environment Campaigns

Congress is working to finalize a new infrastructure spending package. But why are they ignoring an easy way to pay for it?

COVID 19 masks and American dollar bills
 | by
Patricia Kelmar
Director, Health Care Campaigns

How the pandemic has worsened the medical debt crisis